Benefits and Programs

Various benefits in the country are covered through legislation and social security. Therefore, only benefits outside of those statutory requirements are listed. The benefit offering represents those that are available to most employees; however, eligibility may differ depending on location and employee type. Benefit offering may vary for employees of Solar, FPD and Progress Rail. 




Accident/Life Insurance Combined with pension plan, guarantees a minimum coverage of EUR 100K in case of death or disability. Annual premium is paid 100 percent by company and imputed to employee's salary as benefit in kind and as such is taxable. Local HR
Employee Assistance Program A voluntary and completely confidential service provided to employees and their eligible family members to help meet many challenges at home and work. > EAP
Employee Investment Plan An employee investment plan through which employees can purchase company shares. Offered and administered via E*Trade
Employee Resource Groups Open to all Caterpillar employees and typically created around an aspect of common identity and/or underrepresented group. > ERGs
ISE Family Support Specialized support program for ISEs and their families that includes pre-acceptance counseling, pre-departure consultation, routine check-in during assignment, local and phone counseling, Web resources and School Choice International services. > EAP > ISE Support & Living Abroad Website
Medical Check-Up Annual on-site basic medical check-up. Local HR
Medical Plan - Dependents Medical insurance for dependents is available through company policy. Cost is covered by the employee, but a tax benefit applies. Local HR
Medical Plan - Employees Medical insurance for employees is provided by the company. Local HR
Pension Plan A defined contribution pension plan is available to all employees. Local HR
Salary Continuation Plan Applies to all permanent full-time and part-time employees. Salary continuation at 100 percent for a maximum of six months, based on years of service. After the maximum of six months, salary continuation is paid at 80 percent typically up to 18 months. All days of absence due to illness occurring during the preceding year (365 days) are taken into consideration for the calculation of salary continuation to the employee. Local HR
Workplace Flexibility Policy Provides a wider range of hours during which employees may choose to work a full day. Possibility to work from home on fixed days or an occasional basis with mutual consent from leadership. Local HR