Benefits and Programs

This listing represents the standard benefits and programs offered to most Caterpillar employees in Singapore. For detailed information, follow the links provided below. 




CatFlex Medical Benefits Employees and eligible dependents are provided with core medical, dental and maternity benefits reimbursable up to a stipulated annual limit. Employees are also allocated CatFlex points each year that can be used to purchase optional benefits or for reimbursement of flexible benefits expenses. Administered by Mercer. CatFlex Portal
Employee Assistance Program
A voluntary and completely confidential service provided to employees and their eligible family members to help meet many challenges at home and work. > EAP
Employee Investment Plan  The employee investment plan (EIP) provides employees with the opportunity to purchase Caterpillar common stock with company subsidy.

Contact local HR

Employee Resource Group Open to all Caterpillar employees and typically created around an aspect of common identity and/or underrepresented group.
Flex Leave Employees are eligible for 5 days of Flex leave per calendar year for any purpose. This is also intended to cover marriage and compassionate and examination events. Cat@work > HR Policies > Time Away from Work
Group Insurance Employees are provided with company-paid core insurance plans relating to Term Life, Personal Accident, Hospital and Surgical. They have the flexibility to purchase additional coverage that is partially subsidized by the company. Administered by Great Eastern. CatFlex Portal
Health Screening Eligible employees receive reimbursement up to a stipulated limit for their health screening expenses. Contact local HR
Leave Policies Provided leaves include annual leave, medical and hospitalization leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, childcare leave, and long-term illness leave. Cat@work > HR Policies > Time Away from Work
Supplementary Retirement Scheme Voluntary company contributions to the Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) accounts of eligible employees up to a stipulated annual limit. Cat@work > HR Policies > Total Rewards