Health Fairs

Caterpillar supports employee well-being and encourages individuals to be proactive with their health. With required approvals, Caterpillar facilities may host health fairs onsite to offer employees an opportunity to learn about healthier lifestyles, educate themselves on preventative measures, and explore the health and well-being resources available in their local community.

Health fair vendors must be pre-approved by Global Total Health Services Manager Stacy DeJaynes and will be required to complete a liability form and provide proof of insurance and/or license. To be considered, vendors must be reputable, applicable to a large audience, and provide beneficial, health-related information, products, or services. Vendors may not directly sell to employees (coupons and/or discounts are permitted), nor may vendors perform any invasive procedure(s) (e.g., blood test, bone marrow test, acupuncture, injectables) on Caterpillar property.

Health Fairs 2022

Download Guidelines for Health Fair Vendors here.

If you are interested in coordinating a facility health fair, please contact Stacy DeJaynes, Global Total Health Services Manager, at or +1 309-675-7975.