COVID-19 Vaccination

Around the world, we appreciate how much our people have done to adapt, stay safe and serve our customers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The safety, health and well-being of our employees remains our top priority.

Vaccines are an important tool in fighting the virus, and Caterpillar is strongly encouraging employees to get vaccinated through any opportunity available to them. 

Our goal is to make it as convenient as possible to support our employees’ decision to get the vaccine. Caterpillar has actively engaged with some governments and health departments in the vaccine planning process. When vaccines become available, we are prepared to assist in vaccine distribution for our essential employees in some designated Caterpillar production and distribution facilities. 

For the most current updates on travel, health and safety, and working remotely, visit Caterpillar's COVID-19 Employee Resources page.



For your safety and the safety of others, you will be asked a series of COVID-19 screening questions prior to the administration of your vaccine. Additionally, all participating employees must wear a facemask and maintain a minimum physical distance of six feet between persons.

Please bring your Caterpillar badge with you to your appointment and remember to wear a shirt or undershirt with sleeves that can be rolled up to the shoulder. Note that you should not receive a COVID-19 vaccine if…

  • You have received any other vaccination within the past 14 days.
  • You have ever had an immediate or severe allergic reaction to polysorbate, polyethylene glycol (PEG) (PEG is an ingredient in some laxatives and colonoscopy preps).
  • You have ever had an immediate or severe allergic reaction to any of the other components of the COVID-19 vaccine (see appropriate EUA fact sheet).
  • You have received passive antibody therapy (monoclonal antibodies or convalescent serum) as treatment for COVID-19 within the past 90 days.
  • You currently have a moderate to severe illness with a fever (wait until you have recovered to get vaccinated).

For more information on Caterpillar's COVID-19 vaccination clinics, contact Stacy DeJaynes at