Health is not just the absence of illness. Our health is a state of physical, emotional, financial, and social well-being and purpose that influences and is influenced by our personal characteristics (like genetics and lifestyle), our workplaces, and the communities in which we live. Our health can have positive (or negative) effects on nearly every area of our lives.

Total Health is...

  • Caterpillar’s commitment to the health and the lives of our people.
  • A promise to offer useful, effective benefits and programs. 
  • A common global language to discuss our employees’ lives at work and home.
  • An operating model and framework to organize our existing work, benefits and projects.
  • A recognized, trusted global brand, made relevant for all. 

Total Health Dimensions Defined

The ability to endure and thrive under life's demands. Living unrestricted by mental illness and addiction; the energy and optimism to meet our potential.
Having control over day-to-day, month-to-month finances and the capacity to absorb a financial shock. Being on track to meet financial goals and having the financial freedom to live an enjoyable life.
Feeling well; having enough energy to perform daily tasks and maintaining a healthy body free of disease, injury and illness through proper nutrition, activity, sleep and prevention of chronic disease.
Finding meaning in what we do. Our motivation, passion and drive to be the best we can be. Promoting growth in our personal and professional lives
Building and sustaining healthy, productive relationships at home, at work and in our communities. Promoting inclusion and being connected. Achieving work/life balance.