Total Health

Our people are the heartbeat behind the success of our products and services. Total Health represents Caterpillar’s commitment to building and sustaining a high-performing team by supporting the health of Caterpillar employees and their families. We fulfill this commitment through a partnership with our global businesses to provide benefits and resources that help our people achieve their best health.

Learn more about Caterpillar's Total Health Strategy and the five dimensions of Total Health here.



Caterpillar cares about its employees and recognizes that good health—including good mental health—is good for business. While mental health issues are common, high-impact, and treatable, many leaders and employees may never get the support they need. Education and awareness are key to prevention and seeking help early, and Caterpillar offers many resources to help.

The Building a Stronger You Campaign aims to engage employees while removing the stigma surrounding mental health by increasing the visibility, knowledge, and utilization of Caterpillar’s Total Health benefits. Every other week through December, look for new resources—both for leaders and employees—as we target a variety of unique mental health topics.